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  Wireless Access Protocol - WAP

Wireless access protocol (WAP) is an industry specification that allows advanced messaging and information services to be delivered to wireless devices independent of which wireless technology they use. A WAP server is a computer that can receive, process, and respond to an end user's (client's) request for information or information processing.

This figure shows a WAP device requesting data through the Internet to a WAP Server. First, the WAP use select content (a document) on their handset that they desire to receive. This creates a request message that is sent to the IP address of the WAP server. The WAP server processes this request and returns the requested document to the IP address assigned to the WAP device. When the WAP device receives the data (document), it can display the document on the screen.

Wireless Access Protocol Server Diagram


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UMTS Subscriber Identity Module (USIM)

   Wireless Markup Languauge Books

Wireless Markup Language Book

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Wireless Markup Language (WML)

Wireless markup language (WML) and WMLScript are programming languages that are used to provide information services to portable wireless devices. This book explains how and why companies use WML to develop and provide information services to mobile communication devices. WML protocols and scripts are used to create web pages.

$19.99 Printed, $16.99 eBook


WCDMA for UMTS: HSPA Evolution and LTE

The UMTS Air-Interface in RF Engineering: Design and Operation of UMTS Networks
WCDMA for UMTS: HSPA Evolution and LTE
Harri Holma, Antti Toskala,Hardcover, Edition: 5, English-language edition,Pub by Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
The UMTS Air-Interface in RF Engineering: Design and Operation of UMTS Networks
Shing-Fong Su,Hardcover, Edition: 1, English-language edition,Pub by McGraw-Hill Companies

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